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Labor Law

Advising and representing employees and works councils, as well as companies and public authorities in all domains of labor law, in particular:

Drafting and review of contracts, in particular

  • employment contracts, including temporary and non-tariff contracts,
  • service contracts for managers and directors,
  • works agreements,
  • company collective and comprehensive wage agreements,
  • flexible working time and remuneration models,
  • company car arrangements.

Advisory services and representation, in particular

  • company restructuring,
  • mass layoffs and terminations,
  • termination agreements and wind-up agreements,
  • recruitments and transfers,
  • personnel leasing,
  • facilitating conciliation boards

Restructuring, planning and implementation of

  • personnel restructuring measures,
  • outsourcing,
  • transfers of operations,
  • operational changes,
  • balancing of interests and severance scheme negotiations.

 Seminars/training for companies in the form of in-house training sessions tailored specifically to executive and personnel managers as well as members of works councils.

  • customized to your business situation
  • no extended time away from your business and family
  • flexible and affordable

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