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Family & Inheritance Law

Family law

As a specialist in marriage and family law, we can assist you in all legal matters involving marriage, family, non-marital partnerships and same-sex marriage.

These include:

  • precautionary legal advice concerning assets, alimony and tax matters, review and drafting of marriage contracts before and after the wedding, civil partnership agreements and contracts for entering non-marital partnerships, separation and divorce agreements
  • advice and representation in settling family disputes in divorces or dissolving civil unions, matrimonial property law, pension rights adjustments subject to the law of obligations and governed by public law, child and parent support, custody and parentage laws

Inheritance law

We can advise you in all legal matters involving inheritance law before and after the succession.

These include:

  • the drafting of testamentary contracts and wills, succession planning of all types for private individuals, small- and medium-sized companies,
  • planning care arrangements and living wills,
  • managing out-of-court negotiations and legal disputes in the following areas:
  • forced heirship (enforcement, defense against, provision of information, value assessment and calculation, etc.),
  • joint inheritance rights and matters involving communities of joint heirs (advice and representation for and against joint inheritance, management of the community of joint heirs, determination of shares of inheritance, dispute and division),
  • certificate of inheritance process and declaratory action involving inheritance disputes
  • reviewing the validity of succession arrangements, such as wills and testamentary contracts, preparing testamentary dispositions and contesting contracts of inheritance, execution of wills,
  • review and enforcement of rights of provisional and beneficiary heirs between provisional and beneficiary succession and after the succession commences
  • review and enforcement of rights of beneficiaries,
  • defense against and enforcement of rights of recovery from bequests preceding and subsequent to the inheritance
  • measures to protect estates and limitation of liability on estates, estate management and administration, estate insolvency proceedings
  • advice and representation in connection with inheritance and gift tax