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Wilfried Stechow

Attorney at law – Certified Public Finance Administrator 
Senator in the Senate of Economy

Born 1957

  • Degree in Public Finance Administration in the fiscal administration of the State of Berlin
  • Law studies at the Free University of Berlin, graduated with honors
  • Legal clerkship at the Kammergericht Berlin, completion with honors


  • Three years working in fiscal administration
  • Alongside his professional training and legal work, several years of work as a coach in public law
  • Ten years as partner at Sozietät Kerber & Stechow, Berlin - Paris
  • Three years as in-house attorney for a medium-sized auditing firm
  • Three years as partner at law firm Mayr - Stechow - Giese - Hennig
  • Became partner in spring 2004 at Stechow & Hennig law firm, which became the ARTEJURA partnership on 1 October 2008.

Foreign languages: English, French (basic communication)

Areas of focus:

  • Tax law: As a former fiscal officer, Mr. Stechow offers advice to natural and legal persons, specifically in the area of structuring and disputes (opposition proceedings or legal action before the Finanzgericht) as well as advice and defense in proceedings involving penal tax code;
  • Insolvency law: As a longtime liquidator and restructuring consultant in business crisis situations, preliminary insolvency advice as well as defense against claims lodged by insolvency liquidators and insolvency prosecution defense.
  • Real estate law: Assisting in the purchase or sale of real estate projects, including large-scale projects (due diligence, contractual arrangement and consulting)
  • General business and corporate legal advice, including and specifically for company start-ups and acquisitions (M&A, restructuring, etc.);
  • Status assessments and disputes pertaining to contested social insurance obligations;
  • General contract law, both civil and commercial;
  • Many years of experience as an executor of wills.


I am also chairman of Lebensherbst e.V., an association that helps senior citizens. I invite you to have a look at our association’s website and would be grateful if you were then to support us in achieving our charitable goals.

I was also appointed Senator of the Senate of Economy in January 2014.

The Senate of Economy is made up of figures from the domains of business, science and society who attach special importance to their responsibility towards the state and society as a whole. Together, they work towards the practical realization of sustainable public welfare goals for the purposes of an eco-social market economy. 

The Senate of Economy thus serves to revive the traditional spirit of the Senate from antiquity. A well-rounded circle of independent thinkers works for the common good rather than merely private interests. 

The Senate of Economy is an organization focused purely on the common good and maintains an ongoing dialog with prominent figures in the spheres of politics and science.

Wilfried Stechow (secretary)
Fon +49 (30) 833 06 33
Fax  +49 (30) 833 21 95