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Markus Hennig

Attorney at law, bar-certiefied specialist in copyright and media law, certified supervisory councilor qualification*

Areas of focus

  • German and international contractual law
  • Competition law
  • Press law, photo rights, copyright, design law, event law, agency law,
    media law consulting for companies, publishing, trademarks

Additional specializations as set out in Section 7 BORA

  • Crisis communications for companies/entrepreneurs in media law situations
  • Specialist attorney in copyright and media law
  • Zertifizierter Aufsichtsrat qualification (certified supervisory councilor) from the Fürstenberg Board in cooperation with School of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
  • Advising creative companies and shareholders in Germany and internationally in matters involving investments, expansion, restructuring and crisis management. This also includes close involvement in their operative business activities where required, particularly in the fashion sector (women and men’s apparel, accessories, licensing)
  • New companies/start-ups in Germany and abroad, particularly in the Middle East, Asia and Africa

Education and experience

  • Studied at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin, University of Edinburgh
  • Admitted to practice law in 1998 and practicing attorney at various law firms
  • October 2008 – : Senior partner at HENNIG NIEBER STECHOW ARTEJURA Partnerschaftsgesellschaft
  • March 2008 – December 2012: Wunderkind GmbH & Co. KG, initially as Chief Legal Officer, from 9/2010 Chief Representative, 1/2011 to 1/2013 Managing Director
  • 2010 – : Press spokesman for various companies
  • May 2012 - September 2016: Chief Legal Officer XX Group BV/ XXXXXX FZE (Netherlands/Dubai, UAE),
  • August 2014 - January 2016: Chairman of the supervisory board at Kilian Kerner AG
  • April 2014 – February 2019: Board of directors at Margelist AG (Switzerland)
  • August 2015 – October 2019 : Member of the supervisory board at AG, Chairman of the supervisory board February 2016 - October 2019
  • August 2016 – : Chairman of the supervisory board at Travel24 Hotel AG

Markus Hennig (secretary)


+49 (30) 844 17 833


+49 (30) 844 17 834